Is your house in need of a style update? Are you into new technologies? Meet Kindas, the 3D designer from Diemen who designs beautiful lamps…

From the attic in his house in Diemen, of natural materials. And yes, you can get yours- they are for sale… Sounds promising right?


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Kindas, a 3D designer who is specialized in lamps.


3D lamps? That sounds futuristic…

Well, it might be but isn’t really. It’s everywhere around us in nature. I make them from natural materials because I’m inspired by nature and because I think we should look after our environment. The lamps aren’t 100% natural yet, the wires and the plug for the lamps aren’t but I’m really searching for ways to make these from natural materials too.


Did you start 3D when you moved to the Netherlands?

No, I did 3D back in Burkina Faso, where I am from. Through a friend I got into it. First, I was into music and animation- I made video’s and movies. He invited me to a training in Tunisia and we went. There I got to know the ins and outs of 3D and I loved it. The training took 6 months. 3D was the answer for me because I love to create and innovate and 3D gives me endless options. It just never stops…


Do you think your style is different from people who learnt 3D in the Netherlands?

I don’t know many people who do 3D here, so I don’t know. The people I know use other programs, so I can’t compare the work. I do know that all my experiences shape my style. I don’t label myself as an ‘African artist’, I’m an artist.


How would you describe your style?

That’s a difficult one. I think it has to do with chaos and order. I look for structures in things, everywhere around me. I apply mathematic rules to my designs which create a certain aesthetic. The shape is important to me, but it’s the process that really matters. For me the details matter.


What inspires your work?

Ease and nature. I love the nature. Back in the day I didn’t like the nature in the Netherlands, I thought is was dull and not lively. I mean, I was coming from a West African setting, it is really different here. But now I really do, there is so much to see which is so inspiring! If you really look at the nature around, if you pay attention to the little details- it’s amazing. The leaves, the trees and even the sky. My work learned me to pay more attention to detail, they reveal shapes and structures that come back everywhere.  Now I see details everywhere around me.


Which art(ists) do you like?

A mathematician actually, Mandelbrot is my big inspiration. His theory on fractals is what I described before as the shapes and structures that you can see in the detail of things.

And I rediscovered the traditional African art: the masks, the motifs and also traditional architecture – I see the deeper layer in form and structure now. I also see this in the work of Esscher. The way he works is the same way I approach my work. Also the Fabergé egg – it was the egg that showed me I worked in a certain way, had a certain technique. It was a true eye opener. My whole view on people and life has changed because of my work.


What are your dreams?

I just want to make a lot of things from 3D. I am now focussed on lamps, but I also make structured ceilings for houses, or play with furniture or even jewellery. Sky is the limit and I’ve only just started so time will tell where I will go.


All your lamps have a different look, how many designs do you have?

Oh there are many different ones. Now we have about 100 designs here, all slightly different. I’m trying new things all the time. Of some designs I have produced many, because people wanted to have one. I can make them in different colours and materials, which gives the light a different outlook as well. I said it before, but I’ll say it again: sky is the limit with the 3D design.


Ha, I see- So your lamps are for sale, where can the readers buy them?

Currently we are working on our website, and we have a Facebook and Instagram account. There you can send us a message and we’ll get in touch.



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