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With fashion fest 2019 x Museum Van Loon we give young fashion talents a diverse perspective on fashion, art and design. It’s an exclusive multidisciplinary program and competition for young fashion talents, that showcases different perspectives on fashion, but also uses archive material and textiles to show the importance of storytelling. This year’s theme is ‘Follow the Legacy’.

Congratulations to Marionella Hanley (winning designer), Anne Wildoer (winning beauty artist) and Legina Montroos (winning model). Picture by Almicheal Fraay.

Fashion fest 2019 x Museum van Loon celebrates cultural heritage and is a battlefield for creativity that accommodates and coaches young talents (16-30 years old) operating within the three disciplines of fashion design, beauty artistry and modeling. For this program, all participants are invited to join a team, where each team consists of a designer, beauty artist and four models. Together, as a collective, they follow multiple intensive masterclasses and prepare for a catwalk show at the grand finale that will take place in the garden and Koetshuis of Museum Van Loon. During the grand finale, the contestants will be judged by a jury of experts and the winners will be chosen. The focus is specifically on how fashion designers, artists and enthousiasts are fashioning a more inclusive future for themselves.

In what ways are young fashion lovers, artists, designers and enthousiasts using fashion to represent their world, politics, feelings and ideas? Fashion has become a powerful global tool used by artists, collectives and designers such as Virgil Abloh, Beyonce, Jeremy Scott or Daily paper to respond to and resist current political and social climate, while simultaneously centralizing the hopes, histories and dreams of a generation of creatives. Through multiple masterclasses given by professionals of the fashion industry, we stimulate them to create a new, unique and innovative vision on and within fashion.

MAFB invites the participating designers and artists to use the archive collections of the renown Dutch Museum Van Loon as a source of material inspiration to stage their fresh interpretations of the this year’s theme ‘Follow the Legacy’. This year’s theme is linked to the upcoming exhibition at Museum Van Loon ‘Aan de Surinaamse grachten’. With this exhibition the museum wants to shed a light on the story behind the beautiful canal houses in Amsterdam in which the Van Loon family lived, as well as the hard knock life on the plantations next to the hand dug canals of Suriname. With this year’s theme we want participants of fashion fest to get inspired by the shared history of the Dutch Golden Age and Surinamese slavery. We dare them to follow the money and explore the cultural heritage that this shared history has left for all of us.

The jury this year consists of Eastwood Danso (Designer from London), Els van der Plas (General director of Dutch Nationale Opera & Ballet), Angelique Hoorn (Founder of Angelique Hoorn Management), Caroline Krouwels (Co-founder from Modefabriek), Tim Sabajo (General Director) & Violette Esmeralda (Photographer) from Patta. Lastly, JeanPaul Paula (fashion stylist and creative director) will host and also be in the jury.

From left to right (designer, beauty artist and models), the participating teams:
Team 1: Allysia van Duijn, Macy Leijten, Jonathan Ramautar, Queen Latifah Frempong, Anna Strooberg and Timothy Goring

Team 2: Nielson van Amerongen, Christie Brugman, Daniëlle van der Veer, Raviq de Vries, Jennes Vermeul and Gimaiza Tjon-Affo

Team 3: Denise Meier, Maayke Hollenberg, Georbella Fini, Jessica van Engel, Anouk van Raak and Gilian Tjong-Ayong

Team 4: Yasmina Ajbilou, Julia Warmerdam, Legina Montroos, Vroni Martina, Devante Martins and Yoeri Pham

Team 5: Amber Winkelman, Esmee Nota, Danique van der Wal, Lester Wilson, Muna Mohamed and Joanna Donau

Team 6: Marionella Hanley, Anne Wildoer, Maricella Hanley, Sissy van Hal, Terence Munzemba and Fred Sheikh

Team 7: Daniëlle van der Veer, Njoba Jawara, Gabriella Okoobo, Latishia van der Linden, Julie Becker and Querina Kalkwarf

Team 8: Lisanne Brouwer, Loraina Viedma, Sigourney Eyra, Emma Tijssen, Claudia Shopman and Vicky Geno

Get inspired by the aftermovie and the campaign of ‘Finale fashion fest x Museum Van Loon edition 2019’ below or click here to see the after movies of the masterclasses.


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