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‘Follow the Legacy’

This is how and why you sign up

We from fashion fest really want to invest in young upcoming talents and be able to give them the tools they need and deserve, to grow into a professional entrepreneur. Therefore all upcoming talents are expected to invest in themselves. MAFB, Museum Van Loon and leading international players will do the rest.

The required fee will contribute towards a masterclass session, catwalk training, private depot tours in Museum Van Loon and for the presentation during the catwalk final December 7 in Museum Van Loon. Throughout this process all upcoming talents will be carefully monitored and will be guided to get the most out of the collection, catwalk, hair and make-up visibility. Normally a similar catwalk show would cost around the 20.000 euro due to the necessary facilities such as the location, décor, music, seating plan, coaching, technical team, production team and what else is necessary to make your catwalk to a success.


  • Saturday 25 May, pre casting day models #1 @ OSCAM*
  • Saturday 29 June, pre casting day models #2 @ OSCAM*
  • Wednesday 11 September, 10:00 – 15:00
    masterclass #1 – Depot, Design and Style @ Museum Van Loon**
  • Friday 27 September, 10:00 – 14:00
    masterclass #2 – Personal Branding @ OSCAM**
  • Friday 4 October, 10:00 – 14:00
    masterclass #3 – Boundary Free Beauty @ OSCAM**
  • Friday 11 October 10:00 – 14:00
    masterclass #4 – Modeling 2.0 @ OSCAM**
  • Friday 18 October, 10:00 – 14:00
    masterclass #5 – Feedback @ OSCAM**
  • Wednesday 27 November, 17:00 – 20:00
    masterclass #6 – Walkthrough @ Museum Van Loon**
  • Saturday 7 December 08:00 – 17:00
    GRAND FINALE @ Museum Van Loon**
*these are open castings! Please do send an email to with your full name and the date of casting day you want to attend.
**presence is obligatory.


There are several conditions, which determine if the participants are eligible to enter fashion fest:


We require a certain level of professionalism of all of our participants. Therefore, we need to see pictures of your work before you register and pay the required fee. Designers and models are not automatically participating in fashion fest after registration, unless you have send your work to us beforehand and got a confirmation of us. If you do sign up without sending your work beforehand or without getting a confirmation of us, we will simply refund the money. Here’s how you do it:

If you are a designer: mail pictures of your work, or the link to your portfolio/instagram to If we think you’ve got talent, we will let you know.

If you are a model: mail your length, your size and a picture of your body (formfitting clothes) and face (without make-up), alongside with a link to your portfolio/instagram to If we think you’ve got talent, we will let you know.


Participants must be:

  • Between 16 and 30 years old, passionate about fashion design, beauty artistry (hair and make-up) or modelling.
  • Available at the masterclass sessions, catwalk training, private depot visit and final presentation dates.


  • A one admission time fee will apply for all participants, which will be contributed towards masterclass sessions, catwalk training, private depot visit and for the catwalk final in a renown Dutch museum. The fee is 75 euro for models and 150 euro for designers.
  • All selected participants must finalise the payment of the admission fee before July 1 2019. Only after receipt of the admission fee official participation is possible. Under NO circumstances refund of the admission fee of 75 euro or 150 euro is possible.


  • If a model is approached by an agency during fashion fest, contact team MAFB immediately. We can check the agency for the model, and make sure the model is allowed to finish fashion fest and to accept the winning price.


  • If you have any questions left about admission and registration, please feel free to contact us BEFORE you pay via


  • The participant shall refrain from conduct or statements which might affect the reputation of MAFB and fashion fest partners.


  • The media team of MAFB and fashion fest partners have by virtue of Art. 25 of the Copyright Act ( the right for placement of photographic material and videos. The photographic and camera work of the media team may not be modified under any circumstances.


  • By paying the admission fee you confirm you have read and understood the above and will abide by this agreement and conditions.


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