Jessica Gyasi is a creative centipede. She is a writer, filmmaker and producer with the longest legs you have ever seen. At the age of fifteen she was discovered at a dance studio by model agent Tony Jones. It was her appearance on the cover of the first edition of the Dutch Elle Girl that landed her an international contract with Ford Models. She went on becoming a successful high fashion model. In 2016 she graduated as a social entrepreneur with a minor in creative writing. Jessica finds pleasure in observing cultural and social behaviour. The travelling she does for work is a major source of inspiration. Currently she is making a documentary about ‘the proces behind’ diversifying the fashion industry. She joined forces with industry leaders who can make change effective and she aims to connect with, and empower young women from all walks of life. Jessica: “Visuals project feelings, they tell our stories, and as a filmmaker I am part of that creation. Whether for pleasure, education or the simply beauty of art.”


What do you find inspiring in fashion, art and design?

“The creativity in fashion, art and design reminds me of the endless field wherein imagination rises. It reminds me of the freedom and therefore the power that we have to manifest things that are yet to be discovered.”



Can you tell us three designers that you find inspiring? And why?

“Internationally one of the designers that inspire me is Azzedine Alaia on Dutch ground I am inspired by young designers like Karim Adduchi and Zoë Stekkel. I am a huge fan of storytelling and all three of them in their own unique way, inspire me with their boldness. The way they transforming their personal story into crafting original designs. Their work resonates with me on a eloquent level.”


What do you find lacking about the fashion, art and design industry?

“I would like to experience and be sucked into a more diverse range of concepts, visuals and products. I would like to surprise my sense with stories that are told from different point of views.”


Name three cities you think were most special to travel to and why?

“When my parents first came to Europe in the early 70’s they fell in love with the Parisienne lifestyle. So when I travelled to Paris as a young model, I rapidly understood why. The architecture, the language, the food…I love it all. Whenever I’m there I like to wander off and forget time. My folks ended up in Amsterdam, and I am happy to be raised in a city that feels like a village yet offers everything that you could wish for. That is unique! My favourite thing to do when I’m home and not travelling. Is to get on my bike and cycle around town and just breathe. My third city crush is Accra, the capital of Ghana. I know so little of the country where I’m originally from. Lately I’ve been researching a lot about my origin and for the love of my heritage and culture I am very interested in learning more about who I am and what shaped me as an individual. Hopefully some time soon I’ll be able to go on a trip to the mother land and really indulge into it all.”


The fashion fest is about creating awareness. What does awareness means to you?

“Being grateful for what I have and all that I am able to do is making me more aware of all that there is yet to discover and experience.”


With this blog we want to create awareness around topics like gender, identity and diversity. Do you take these topics in account in your work, if so can you tell us how?

“As a model I’ve been in a lot of situations where the lack of diversity caused for confusion in my mind. As a young girl I was praised and at the same time rejected for the color of my skin. The documentary that I am currently making raises questions on all of these topics. Therefore I feel that it is very important – especially for young and up and coming talents – to share our stories and continuously talk about these topics. Fashion carries our social history and it plays a huge role in how we look at our society and in how it’s shaped.”


Digital technology and globalization ensure that the creative sector is subject to strong changes. What do you think these changes will look like?

“What I see around is that everybody is looking for their own truth. And thanks to digital technology and globalisation we can (re)discover our own. The gateway wherein we can easily unite with others who think alike is amazing. I see communities expanding and growing stronger. This is a positive shift.”


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